I’m happy that you came yo my life. I love waking up and seeing your smile.

Never in my wildest dream that someone can love me like you do.
These feelings I have for you are true.

I love annoying you but you hate and love it too.
I love you ’till last breath. I wish to be with you.

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Just Now

First time to talk about you. Im happy but deep inside Im sad and scared. Why it has to be very complicated?

I cant go on and talk to you without crying. So, I guess, I’d better go.

Abd yes, Im coward.

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As I read the messages you’ve sent for the hundred times

As I was lying on my bed staring at the ceiling while thinking bout you and the words you’ve said

As my tears ran down my cheeks, thinking if I ever crossed your mind

As I blamed myself for being guilible and naive

As I blamed myself for feeling this way, knowing that these feelings can be the death of me

I am who to blame

Deep Feelings

Couldnt find the exact words of what I’m feeling now

I’ve been dreaming of you for two nights
Is it because I always think of you?

Did I ever cross your mind?
I have so many things running through my mind
All those things I long to say will stay forever with me

This sadness deep within is killing me softly

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That Girl



She witnessed the heartache of everyone
She witnessed how devastated her friends were
She saw it on television
She heard it all

She was scared
She didn’t believed in herself
Some said she’s bitter
Well, she didn’t care

She tried protecting herself from getting hurt
She’s naive but she knew what’s right and wrong
She’s contented with her life

She almost had everything
But one thing was missing…

And then he came..
He said something that was music to her ears
She believed in him
Although she was still scared but she gave in

But he was only playing the game
He didn’t mean “all” the words that he said
He slowly left.. came back again.. and left

She didn’t understand what’s going on
She was devastated

Decided to stay away and moved on.